10/06/2020- A scientist and associate professor at the UW Green Bay- Marinette Campus will seek to address policy weaknesses and provide Michiganders better healthcare access if elected to represent the state’s 108th District. Democrat Renee Richer says her motivation to run for the legislature stems from a desire to see results over rhetoric when it comes to tackling a number of issues impacting not only U.P. residents, but those throughout the state. Richer would work to revise regulations in Lansing with a goal of lowering healthcare costs, expanding mental healthcare, and ensuring residents can get the care they need close to home. She’s also focused on addressing a pair of growing water quality concerns.

Racial injustice and police brutality, as well as social responses to that, continue to make headlines. Richer says she’s not a proponent of defunding the police and instead desires a wrap-around solution that would address the many individual facets of those issues.

Richer resides in Gladstone. She faces off against Incumbent Beau LaFave in the race for the 108th November 3rd.