A representative of JCI-Tyco told the Town of Peshtigo Board they would like to see a municipal water line be built this year to supply city of Marinette Water to Town residents whose wells have been affected by PFAS from the Tyco Fire Test Center. Katie McGinity says they see at least three ways this could be done. One is for the Town of Peshtigo to establish a water authority to purchase bulk water from the city of Marinette. Another would be to provide an intergovernmental agreement between the city and the town to provide water without annexation by the city.  The third would be secure water service from the city with annexation. McGinty says there have been no secret negotiations going on regarding the water line and that Tyco has no desire to provide the water itself.  The decision on how to do it would ultimately be up to the Town and its residents.  Tyco is offering to pay for water lines to service the homes in the Town of Peshtigo whose wells have been contaminated by the plume of PFAS that the company is responsible for.

McGinty also says Tyco plans to submit plans for a Groundwater Treatment and Extraction System to the DNR on February 26th.  They hope the system, which would pump water from 9 wells near the Tyco property to remove the PFAS from the groundwater, could be in operation later this year.  But Christine Haig of the DNR says their may be complications that could drag out the approval process as the area affected by the pumping could require additional permitting

Haig said the DNR should have more information at the listening session in March.