In an open letter to the community posted on their website Thursday, Johnson Controls/Tyco says now is the time to make the water line a reality, referring to a proposed municipal water line to serve the 175 property owners in the Town of Peshtigo who’s wells have been contaminated by PFAS from Tyco’s Fire Test Center. In the letter, Tyco says a municipal water line has been identified as the best solution for a permanent source of clean drinking water for the property owners which would relieve them of the burden of the bottled water or in-home treatment systems that Tyco has provided for over 2 years. In March 2019, Tyco announced a commitment to design and build a water line at our expense. We hired engineers and conducted a thorough review of all the clean water options that might be available.  Importantly, in a July 2019 letter to Tyco the DNR agreed with their conclusion, stating “It is the DNR’s position that a public (municipal) water source offers the best regulated, safest, and most reliable drinking water to all consumers, current and future.” Tyco then provided the City of Marinette and Town of Peshtigo with over $200,000 to date that they have put to work to assess those issues. Tyco says the engineering firms hired by the municipalities have done their work and the report of the advisor to the Town concluded, as Tyco’s engineers did, that deeper wells are possible, but a water line is the best option. With all of this good work done, Tyco says now is the time for all the parties to come together and act to avoid delays. To make help this happen, on Wednesday Tyco sent a letter to DNR Secretary Preston Cole asking him to convene and lead a process among parties including Tyco, the City of Marinette, the Town of Peshtigo, the Public Service Commission, and others to hammer out a plan. Tyco says they will come to the table ready to discuss all relevant costs associated with a waterline including operations, maintenance, and water bills in addition to the costs of construction they have already committed to.