The Wisconsin DNR is reminding all waterfowl hunters to wear a lifejacket while out on the water this season. Wisconsin has had 22 boating accident deaths so far this year. 20 of those deaths were drowning-related, and 18 of the victims were not wearing life jackets. Hunters are no exception to boating accidents and drowning deaths, and they’re urged to be aware that conditions can change rapidly with high winds, unfavorable weather and temperatures. To prevent boating accidents, waterfowl hunters should be aware that, with temperatures rapidly falling, hypothermia can set in quickly if they fall overboard. Wearing a lifejacket will keep that hunter on the surface, allowing them to use their energy to keep warm instead of to stay afloat. Boats should have the weight aboard balanced evenly and hunters should be on the lookout for changing wind and water conditions or debris or other objects in the water. It’s also important to use a boat big enough to handle rough water if hunting on a large river or other body of water. Emergency responders recently reported the rescue of three individuals from the bay of Green Bay in the Town of Peshtigo after their boats capsized while duck hunting.