05/23/2019- A new trial date has been set for the case against a former Coleman Volleyball Coach accused of having a sexual relationship with a student. A hearing was held yesterday for 42-year-old Jason Nieminski of Pound where the court granted a motion for continuance. Nieminski recently hired new counsel and will now be represented by Attorney Brian Maloney. Nieminski is charged with several felonies including 2nd Degree Sexual Assault of a Child, Child Sexual Exploitation, and Possession of Child Pornography. Investigators believe he had repeated sexual contact with a high school girl from October 2017 through July of 2018. Local authorities were alerted to the alleged activity by a cyber tip from the Wisconsin DOJ Department of Criminal Investigation when some of Nieminski’s Facebook Messenger exchanges with the victim were flagged for inappropriate content. Nieminski’s jury trial was originally scheduled for mid-June but has now been pushed back to an October 22nd start date. He also has a motion hearing scheduled for August 9th and a pre-trial conference October 9th.