10/18/2019- With a new look and new program options, there’s no shortage of opportunities for students and the community as a whole at the local NWTC campus. A multi-million dollar renovation project recently wrapped up, bringing with it redesigned learning space and state-of-the-art technology. Jennifer Flatt is the Dean of the NWTC Marinette Campus and says that, coupled with partnerships with employers in major local industries, is helping to prepare and encourage students to fill the jobs that exist right here in our community.
“We want employers to be a part of the process, so we have employers come on campus periodically to talk about job opportunities. We partner with local industry to provide different events for students and they learn about industry and the support that industry has for the campus and that tells students ‘hey, I know that when I go through this program, there’s going to be a job waiting for me on the other side.'”
And, next year about three-quarters of their programs will be re-structured. Flatt says the “8-week advantage” offers shorter, and yet more impactful courses.
“Students take fewer classes at a time in the 8-Week Advantage and they focus more on those classes. When we can focus on one or two subjects rather than four or five or six, we tend to be able to absorb more and think more deeply and to learn more deeply. So, as a result, students are more likely to make it through an entire program.”
There’s an Open House event scheduled for NWTC Marinette on October 24th where prospective students and the public can tour the campus, learn more about individual courses and programs, and apply for free. There’s no pre-registration required and the Open House runs from 3 until 6 p.m.