10/01/2019- Two local legislators are calling on the City of Marinette to assist in the effort to bring safe drinking water to Town of Peshtigo residents. Representative John Nygren and Senator Dave Hansen sent a letter to the City requesting the extension of municipal water lines to the Town of Peshtigo be done without requiring annexation. Tyco has identified extending City water supplies as the most prudent option in their continued efforts to remediate the impacts of PFAS contamination in ground and surface water throughout the Town of Peshtigo. The letter, delivered to Marinette Mayor Steve Genisot last week, states that requiring annexation as a condition of extending municipal lines would be a major obstacle to restoring clean water because it could significantly increase ToP residents’ property taxes. Mayor Genisot says while he understands the reasoning behind the request, he’d like Nygren and Hansen to meet directly with the Water Utility Board about the proposal. Genisot also adds the City has yet to see any formal request from the Town of Peshtigo for municipal water extension.