05/13/2020- Public and private campgrounds are reopening in Oconto County under the newest Health Officer Order. Effective yesterday, the order allows campgrounds to again welcome campers at non-seasonal sites if those guests have independent units with self-contained bathroom facilities. In addition to these requirements, campground management will also be responsible for ensuring campers are following other health and safety restrictions. Campgrounds must not allow guests to congregate in common areas and prohibit the use of buildings that encourage social gatherings, as well as limit campsites to members of a single household and prohibit all other private gatherings. Campsite occupants are required to follow the Safer at Home Order. This means to maintain social distancing of six feet at all times, remain at their campsite except for the exceptions allowed in the Safer at Home Order and to not gather with of any number of people that are not part of their single household/living unit.