05/18/2020- Like Marinette County, Oconto County is not issuing any independent orders to extend Safer at Home orders, however, they’re reminding the public that while the orders have changed, the virus has not. Public Health officials say COVID-19 spreads quickly and it is still present in Oconto County. Personal responsibility and accountability are essential in order to keep the risk of COVID-19 transmission low and the county is working to provide guidance to businesses looking to reopen in the safest manner possible. All businesses are being encouraged to to limit the number of customers allowed in, step up sanitizing and hygiene efforts, and adhere to social distancing recommendations. Public and private events should refrain from offering self-service food or food samples, and at sports games athletes should not share equipment and fans should bring their own seating instead of utilizing the bleachers. Oconto County will re-assess these recommendations as the state conditions of COVID-19 change. The County’s Health Officer does reserve the right and duty to take action and limit public activity in the event that COVID-19 overwhelms the health care system or jeopardizes public health.