09/30/2020- Several emergency responders were honored with lifesaving awards at the Marinette County Board of Supervisors meeting Tuesday. Sheriff Jerry Sauve presented the commendations first to Deputies Brad Callahan and Brad Wyss for their work in reviving an unresponsive male overdose victim earlier this month in the Town of Stephenson. Sauve said when the officers arrived on scene, the victim showed no signs of life, but eventually began breathing again following the administration of CPR and multiple doses of Narcan. Deputy Michael Nickels also received a lifesaving award for responding to a call in August of an emotionally disturbed woman in the Town of Peshtigo who was found swimming in the bay about 100 yards from shore. After making contact with the woman through the use of the Marinette Fire Department’s rescue boat, Deputy Nickels was able to secure the woman to the side of the boat and bring her back to shore. Because of their assistance in that rescue, Marinette Firefighter Jason Lemire and Lieutenant Matt Piikkila also received lifesaving commendations and Firefighter Chris Erickson was honored with a grand cordon award by Marinette Fire Chief Jay Heckel.