02/06/2020- A proposal to bring off-highway vehicle trails to Marinette County is making some headway. The Titletown Jeepers organization brought a request to the County’s Infrastructure Committee last year to allow the club to develop the trails on County land near Goodman, however, there was no specific location or amount of impacted land identified. Wednesday, the group was back in front of the committee with a more concrete plan seeking access to between 114 and 294 acres of land west of Hobachee Lake and 272 acres north of Fire Road 606 to establish these off-road trails. The club would also like to create a five-acre parking area and rustic campground for trail users in the region, as well, and Bob Heroux with Titletown Jeepers says all this work would be done at no cost to the county.
One major consideration of the project is if or how it will impact hunters who use the county land in question. Heroux says the club is willing to post the trails cannot be used during a certain part of the year, but, he admits, he can’t guarantee that will keep everyone off them.
The Infrastructure Committee approved the preliminary plans, but a formal agreement between the club and the County outlining requirements and regulations still needs to be drafted. That contract will come back to the committee for review in the coming months.