When you’re an Indian working in the white world, you have to try to be better than, just to be considered as good as. “It wasn’t an Ozzy and Harriet type of childhood that I experienced. So, I touch on all of those issues and how I dealt with them. I also talk about being bussed off of the reservation to go to an all-white high school only to get beat up, says Louis Vincent Clark III, Two Shoes, Poet of the book Rebel Poet. The second in a series of stories of a Twenty-First Century Indian.

Clark says, “The book, Rebel Poet, is a really easy, fun read. I’ve gotten so much great feedback on it. Everyone really liked it.”


The UW-Green Bay, Marinette Campus Library will host a book reading/signing with Oneida poet, Louis Vincent Clark III, Two Shoes on Thursday, April 7th from 5pm until 7pm in the library proper. This event is free to the campus and the community.