03/15/2018–The Menominee County Board is being asked if they want to join in the hundreds of lawsuits being filed nationwide seeking damages from the major opioid manufacturers and distributors.  Tuesday the County Board heard a presentation from Andrew Shotwell of the Traverse City Law Firm of Smith and Johnson which is representing a number of Counties in the U-P and Northern Lower Michigan in the lawsuits.  He says the drug makers were misrepresenting the safety of opioids.

Shotwell says there are many ways the opioid addiction epidemic has cost the county money (In the Health Department, Jail, Courts, Medical Examiner Office, and more.)

The county can seek reimbursement  of these costs from the opioid makers and distributors.  He says his firm is proposing a contingency retainer fee so there would be no cost to the county up front, and the fees would be covered by the settlement.