02/11/2019- Marinette County is moving forward with a proposal to implement a program incentivizing green upgrades. The nationwide Property Assessed Clean Energy program allows commercial property owners to obtain loans for projects tied to energy or water conservation and then repay those loans through future utility savings. The Development Committee first heard a presentation on the initiative last month and Corporation Counsel Gail Mattison has now reviewed the associated enrollment documentation and says she has no major objection to the county taking part. County Administrator John Lefebvre says the only associated cost is paying the per diem expense for the county individual appointed to the state PACE board.
Should a participant default on their PACE loan, the county would be responsible for stepping in and initiating the foreclosure process, but Lefebvre says that’s been an uncommon scenario throughout the program’s ten-year history.
34 other counties in Wisconsin have already enrolled in PACE. The Development Committee sent a trio of recommendations to the Administrative Committee to consider a resolution, county ordinance, and Joint Exercise of Powers agreement relating to the PACE program. Those were each approved and passed along to the full County Board.