10/09/2019- The City of Marinette is taking a closer look at one of its recreational facilities. The Parks and Rec Committee Tuesday discussed the use of the Duer Gym and considered whether it adds enough value to the city’s rec department to offset the $10000 annual cost to operate the building and the programs it hosts. Alderperson Peter Noppenberg says he feels much of the activity that goes on there could be absorbed by the new REC Center and while Executive Director of Recreation and Events Gavin Scray agrees that there is space available at the REC Center for things like volleyball and the long-standing men’s basketball program, transitioning those sports to the new facility would require the purchase of some removable court and flooring options. If the Duer Gym were to be sold, the proceeds would go back to the Kansas University Endowment Association, as was agreed to in the contract with Guy Duer when he conveyed the property to the City in 1953. No action was taken Tuesday and the Parks and Rec Committee plans to revisit the topic next month.