08/15/2019- The ice is gone, but the damage it caused this past winter along the shoreline of the bay is still fresh in the minds of many and Menominee is looking for a way to keep it from happening again. The City’s Parks and Recreation/ Buildings and Grounds Committee heard a proposal from Jim Kudlicki of the Marina Management Group for the purchase of ice prevention equipment to protect the fixed docks within the marina. Kudlicki says while last winter was unusually severe, the high water levels and the troubles that come with them are likely to stick around for a while.
“They’re not showing it right off to make us feel comfortable…The problem we have is that when the steel is in the water, the ice can grab all that steel and push and twist and turn- along with the utilities, which is the water and electric lines that are all hooked to these docks.”
The system consists of tubing laid underwater along the docks pumping out air and creating water movement to weaken or prevent ice formations. Installation can be an involved process and Kudlicki says it’s not a guaranteed solution, but they’ve exhausted all their other options.
The cost for the system alone is close to $70000 and the proposal didn’t include figures for labor and equipment. The Parks and Rec Committee ultimately passed a recommendation along to the full City Council for the approval of the ice prevention system purchase.