08/29/2019- It’s official: Marinette County’s Parks division now has a new home in the Facilities Department. The proposal by County Administrator John Lefebvre was taken up by the Board of Supervisors this week and ultimately given the green light. In addition to moving Parks out of the Forestry Department, the shift would also bring on a new Assistant Facilities and Parks Director who would have education and experience maintaining and developing parks systems. Lefebvre sees the move as a win for Parks, Facilities, and Forestry.
But, not everyone was on board with the plan, at least not at the moment. Supervisor Bonnie Popp says she’d prefer to hear from Bay Lakes Regional Planning on the results of their economic development study for the county before making any decisions.
The reorganization of the divisions and the creation of the Assistant Facilities and Parks Director position isn’t expected to take effect until January.