03/15/2019- Menominee County’s Prosecuting Attorney’s Office is looking at finally getting the help they need to address their over 500-case backlog. A proposal was brought to the County’s Personnel Committee to restructure the department and add and additional assistant prosecuting attorney to the office, which would ultimately then be comprised of a Prosecuting Attorney, Chief Assistant Prosecuting Attorney, and the new Assistant Prosecuting Attorney role. The new position would cost the county about $75000 annually- a hefty price tag for an already cash-strapped county, but one that County Administrator Jason Carviou says is critical to providing the level of service residents expect from the PA’s office.
Current Assistant Prosecuting Attorney Jeff Rogg says the new position will be entry-level and he expects they’ll fill it quickly with a recent law grad looking for valuable courtroom experience.
Menominee County’s Prosecuting Attorney Bill Merkel will retire next month. Following that, it’s anticipated the new Prosecuting Attorney will work to tackle the existing backlog, while the Assistant Prosecuting Attorneys will be responsible for day-to-day court activities. A recommendation to approve the addition of an APA was sent along to the full county board.