08/19/2019- Several cases of whooping cough have been popping up in the UP, including in our region. 10 cases of pertussis have been confirmed throughout the Delta-Menominee, Dickinson-Iron and Marquette County Health Department districts and health officials are saying now is a good time for adults to check both their and their children’s vaccination status to make sure they’re up to date. While the pertussis immunization does not prevent all cases of the disease, it can decrease the spread of the infection in a community and reduce symptom severity in those who do become ill. The infection typically first presents with mild upper respiratory symptoms, but then progresses to a more severe cough with an audible whooping sound, hence the name. Antibiotics are used to treat whooping cough, but those who contract it often continue to cough for several weeks and can develop complications like rib fractures or pneumonia.