Since 2006, the Peshtigo Food Pantry has been in the former Badger Credit Union Building. However, when their landlord BPM Incorporated talked to them about moving the Pantry, they looked. Peshtigo Food Pantry Manager, Cathy Miles, says, “they approached us in November to move. So, we got the board together and went and looked at the building.”


Miles says, “things went very smooth considering it was a mid-January move.”


The Peshtigo Food Pantry has the same five-year agreement as before. They pay one dollar per month, and BPM Incorporated pays all the utilities, internet, and upkeep of the building. Miles says, “know-one will be turned away. It does not matter where you are from. Just have identification.” The Peshtigo Food Pantry is located at 151 French Street in Peshtigo.