Aacer Flooring is in its last week of operation, manufacturing high-quality hardwood flooring and related products. The company, which has a 315,000-square-foot production facility on the city’s east side, has announced it will permanently close at the end of the month. About 126 employees will lose their jobs as a result, according to the letter to the state Department of Workforce Development. “The social and economic impacts we’ve felt the past several years have made it very difficult to maintain a business,” the company said in a message on its website. “Unfortunately, the supply chain and labor market challenges that exist today have forced us to make the tough decision to cease operations July 31, 2022.”Aacer products were used in homes and businesses and for sports and recreational. Among their clients were not only many high schools and colleges but also Division 1 programs, including the University of Miami and Penn State. The company also produced synthetic flooring and subfloor systems. The company, which opened in 1998, operated 15 kilns to dry the wood used to produce flooring in the plant, where it’s milled, graded, and pre-finished.