It began with an idea by City of Peshtigo Alderwoman Katie Berman then she brought the concept to Peshtigo Police Chief Fred Popp, and together they decided that a benefit to help two children with cancer in the Peshtigo Community that are currently going through treatments was a tremendous idea. Peshtigo Police Chief Fred Popp says, “the Peshtigo Police Department will pump gas at three locations in Peshtigo to raise funds for Vega Ellis and Kody Klimek.”

Popp says, “we’re a smaller department, so any help we can get would be a significant benefit to us and this cause.”

If you are an active or retired officer and would like to take part in ‘Pumping for a Purpose’, you may call Katie at 715-938-0931. ‘Pumping for a Purpose’ will take place on Sunday, February 20th from 9am to 1pm at any of the three gas stations in Peshtigo: Krist, The Store, and Peshtigo Shell. For additional information or donations, please call Katie at 715-938-0931.