PFAS contamination from firefighting foams manufactured and tested locally by Tyco Fire Protection Products has been detected in surface water running near or through the Fire Technology Center in Marinette. The samples were collected from two ditches that eventually lead to the bay of Green Bay and Jim Cox, Senior Marketing Manager with Tyco says the company is focusing their efforts on determining the pathways of these compounds entering the ditches and identifying potential interim measures to address the contamination. Cox says the concentration of the contamination, specifically whether it is above or below the EPA’s health advisory level, has not yet been confirmed. Tyco is working with the DNR to obtain approval for work plans and necessary permits to remove the PFAS compounds from the water flowing through the ditches and adds this work is their current priority. They also continue to collect samples from other ditches, groundwater, soil, and surface water in the City of Marinette and Town of Peshtigo that have not been tested to-date.