06/24/2020- Continued testing of private drinking water wells near agricultural fields where PFAS-contaminated biosolids have been spread show PFAS encroaching upon another popular body of water in Marinette County- Lake Noquebay. Samples from at least four wells in the immediate area near the lake have come back with PFOA and/or PFOS detection levels above 20 parts per trillion, while two others had positive PFAS detections which were between the reporting limit and 20 parts per trillion. Dave Neste with the Wisconsin DNR says they and JCI/ Tyco have not yet determined whether these recently-released results will warrant PFAS testing of the lake itself.

JCI/ Tyco began testing dozens of private wells in the county earlier this year, but suspended that activity during the height of the COVID-19 outbreak. That sampling has since resumed and is expected to wrap up over the next few weeks.