09/15/2020-New survey data will inform efforts by the state of Wisconsin to address PFAS contamination that has occurred through the discharge of fluorinated firefighting foam into the environment. Earlier this year, the DNR conducted a survey of Wisconsin’s fire departments to determine their use of PFAS-containing firefighting foams and help the DNR better understand how much, how often and why fluorinated foam is used across the state. That survey closed on March 17 with a response rate of 72% and results indicate that 77% of respondents had purchased, stored, trained with or used fluorinated foam at some point in the past, with most of them using this fluorinated foam for emergency fires involving flammable liquids or gas. The DNR estimates that the total amount of PFAS-containing firefighting foam currently in storage across the state is at least 63000 gallons and may be as high as 96,000 gallons. It was also determined that there may be expired or unwanted foam in excess of 30,000 gallons that requires disposal. Chief Chris Garrison, president of the Wisconsin State Fire Chiefs Association says these results indicate the immediate need for resources and mechanisms for a centralized PFAS-containing firefighting foam collection and disposal program in the state. The results of this survey will support the state’s continued efforts to mitigate the use and discharge of fluorinated firefighting foams, including the Wisconsin PFAS Action Plan and work of the Wisconsin PFAS Action Council.