10/07/2020- Public Health Delta and Menominee Counties has released a statement addressing some confusion over the state Supreme Court decision regarding the cororavirus outbreak. Last week the Michigan Supreme Court ruled that Governor Whitmer’s executive orders issued in response to the COVID-19 pandemic lacked basis under Michigan law, however, PHDM says the court’s order does not affect the state’s Department of Health and Human Service orders, which require organizations to have many of the same health and safety protocols in place as required by the Governor’s executive orders. PHDM is urging the continuations of mitigation strategies and say private businesses and the public sector have the authority and responsibility to require masks and other policies that could safeguard their staff and clients. PHDM officials say they are considering the efficacy of issuing orders within the district, though they are working through challenges of addressing the pandemic through county-level action in a way that provides consistency and clarity for all residents, organizations, and businesses.