Now that the Menominee City Council has passed an ordinance allowing certain types of marijuana establishments in the city, the City Planning Commission is now tasked with determining in what areas those establishments can operate. A draft ordinance developed by city staff would only allow marijuana retail establishments as a special use in C-1 general business districts, and marijuana growing, processing , and transportation establishments would be special uses in M-1 and M-2 Industrial Districts as well as D-1 development districts. City Manager Tony Graff says staff was recommending establishments only be allow in these zoning districts located north of 30th Avenue, but he said he was looking for input from the Planning Commission and the City Council on whether that territorial restriction was needed. Planning Commission Chairman Kim Coggins asked that the members be supplied with maps showing where the marijuana establishments might be located under the proposal, and also for input from the Smith Group which has been working with the Commission on the city’s Master Plan. Menominee’s Judicial and Legislative/ Personnel and Labor Committee also reviewed the draft ordinance this week and a public hearing will be scheduled for December 8th on the proposed zoning amendments.