03/21/2019- Last week Tyco announced their plan to extend Marinette’s municipal water supply to PFAS-affected Town of Peshtigo residents, but the City says it’s not a done deal. Marinette’s Water and Wastewater Operations Manager Warren Howard was surprised to hear of Tyco’s’ plan, since he says discussions between the City and the Company about the potential for municipal water extension have thus far been limited to a single meeting. Fraser Engerman, Director of Global Media Relations for Tyco, says the community update meeting was meant to inform people of the company’s intention to fund the water main extension, understanding that all the details are not in place.
Jim Cox, Tyco’s Senior Manager of Marketing and Communication says they’re just now beginning to investigate what types of agreements would be required by both Marinette and the Town of Peshtigo to extend municipal water service. He says a secondary issue, that of who will pay for the actual water once the infrastructure is in place, is also still in conversation.
Tyco had hoped to conduct the engineering portion of the project to run City water to the Town of Peshtigo this year, with construction beginning in 2020. The Company does not have any exact dates yet of when they plan to meet with Marinette or Town of Peshtigo officials to discuss that proposal further.