02/05/2019- A near-miss between two semis backed up traffic and shut down Highway 180 for several hours yesterday morning. Marinette County Sheriff Jerry Sauve reports that around 5:30 AM a southbound semi jack-knifed on 180 near Cox Landing and blocked the northbound lane. Shortly thereafter, a northbound semi attempted to go around the first truck, but nearly collided with it and ended up in the ditch, blocking the southbound lane. No injuries were reported by either of the drivers, but 180 had to be closed until about 8:00 AM. Sauve says the slick roads are largely to blame for the accidents and the conditions didn’t help the clean-up effort any, either.
The ice- covered roads also caused an accident just before 4:30 Monday morning. The incident occurred on Highway 41 just south of Schact Road where a Marinette County snow plow slid while trying to go around a parked semi-truck in the southbound lanes and was rear-ended by another vehicle. No one was injured in that accident and southbound traffic along Highway 41 was reduced to a single lane for just over an hour.

Sauve says we’re not in the clear just yet. With more snow and ice in the forecast this week, he’s urging drivers to take their time on the roads.