03/01/2019- Menominee has some big issues to tackle this year and near the top of that list is how to handle the recent legalization of recreational marijuana. Since the November vote, almost 300 municipalities across Michigan have put a ban on marijuana sales in their communities. Menominee Mayor Jean Stegeman says it was the voters that opted to allow the recreational use of pot in Michigan and she thinks they should be able to weigh in on the business end of things, as well.
But, Mayor Stegeman adds, for those assuming taxing the sale of pot might bring Menominee some sort of revenue windfall, think again. She says the revenue the City would see from that sort of enterprise is about 15% or less.
At this point, no public forums on the issue have been scheduled. Menominee’s elected officials and Plan Commission, however, have heard a presentation on the City’s options, delivered by the City Attorney for the City of Kalamazoo. Mayor Stegeman says it could take up to a year for Michigan to outline all the laws with respect to recreational marijuana use and sale.