Elijah Behnke of Oconto was the top vote-getter in a 5-way Republican Primary for the 89th Assembly District seat and will face Democrat Karl Jaeger on April 6th in the Spring General Election.  Behnke received 45 percent of the vote to 23 percent for Michael Kunesh, 21 percent for Debbie Jacques, 7 percent for Michael Schneider and 4 percent for David Kamps, according the unofficial tallies.


In the Supervisor 2 primary in the Town of Peshtigo, incumbent Jon Drees received 264 votes and will face Lenard Wiedemeier in April. Wiedemeier received 185 votes.  Thomas Gromala was eliminated, coming in third with 76 votes.


In the Town of Middle Inlet Supervisor race for 2 seats, Charles Stanek, Roger Leick, and incumbens Ronald Wenzel and Donald Van advanced.  Stanek had 71 votes, Van 57, Wenzel 53, Leick 34, and David Turkiewicz with 13 votes was eliminated.


In the statewide race for Superintendent of Public Instruction, Jill Underly and Deborah Kerr were the top two candidates in a 7 way race, and will face off in April.