11/13/2019- There’s a proposal in the works to relocate the Menominee County Fair, but the road to get there apparently isn’t going to be an easy one. The Menominee County Board of Commissioners was asked to consider supporting the move to an undisclosed location which is said to be more accessible than the current site at Shakey Lakes. The item was listed on the agenda as being for discussion only, but Fair Board President Eric Tickler said a formal vote on the proposal was needed to move forward with further negotiations, which ultimately didn’t happen despite an overwhelming consensus that the board would at least be willing to entertain the idea. Tickler says the relocation would come at no additional expense to the county, but now the entire project- and $65000 in private donations- could be in jeopardy.
“Where we have our current location, we don’t really have a way to make a revenue. The county fair has three revenue sources: it has gate fees, it has sponsor ships, and it has storage fees. The County Board decided to eliminate our storage fees, so now we’re down to two revenue sources and we don’t really have enough coming from out there because we have to split it with the county Parks Board. So, we’re looking for our own land to be able to make more money.”
The motion to move the topic forward as an action item so the board could decide on it needed unanimous support, but County Board Chairman Gerald Piche voted against it because he felt there were too many unanswered questions, although Tickler stressed that nothing would be finalized until all County’s terms and conditions for the project were met. The conversation is expected to be picked up again at the next County Board meeting.