Menominee Prosecuting Attorney Jeffrey Rogg, along with Menominee County Sherriff’s Department, Menominee City Police, Michigan State Police, Michigan Department of Health and Human Services, and Delta Regional Child Advocacy Center sign the Menominee County Multidisciplinary Team Protocol for the investigation of child sexual assault and physical abuse in Menominee County. The purpose of a multidisciplinary team response is to ensure that those providing services related to child abuse cases can conduct their work in a collaborative, coordinated manner that maximizes positive outcomes for the child, while promoting accountability and justice. Rogg says, “by entering into this collaboration in our community, our goal is to consider first and foremost, what is best for the child, while respecting and ensuring the rights of the accused, and to provide a child-focused, best practice and evidence-based multidisciplinary approach to child abuse investigations in Menominee County. “

Rogg says, “this way, ideally, a child will only be needed to be interviewed one time.”

The intent of the protocol is to define guidelines that govern reliable, effective processes that serve the best interest of the children and families of Menominee County. To learn about the work of the Delta regional Child Advocacy Center provides to the community go to