Provident Health focuses its funds on efforts that improve community health. Right now, their focus is on three key areas: substance abuse, mental health, and childhood obesity. Madison Darling, Grants and Collaborations Officer with Provident Health Foundation says, “This information comes from the community health needs assessment and other research that informs what the important concerns are facing our community; and preventing us from being a healthy community.”



Darling says, “In the Fall Cycle we granted $120,000. In all of 2021, we granted almost $300,000. In the most recent cycle, we gave ten different grants with a couple to one entity.”



Provident Health Foundation is currently accepting applications via their website at or they urge you to call 334-224-3699 if you have questions or need help. A 501c3 can apply multiple times in the same grant cycle if they have programs that fit each of the three key areas. You can find additional information on their Facebook page at Provident Health Foundation.