Public Health Delta and Menominee Counties has announced they are pausing their waitlist for COVID-19 appointments for individuals 65 years and above.  They currently have over 4000 persons on the wait list, and they are in the process of returning over 1000 voicemails. Those who left a message before the end of Friday January 29th will be contacted and added to the wait list.  Once everyone on the wait list has had an opportunity to schedule their appointments to receive the vaccination, there will be a link of the website to allow appointments to be made online.  There will also be a phone number available for those unable to make the appointment online and who need assistance scheduling an appointment.  An announcement will be made when these are available for use.

At this time there is an extremely limited vaccine supply, and it may be several weeks before those on the waiting list are offered an appointment.  For those who have already called to be placed on the waiting list, there is no reason to call again, and you will be notified when appointments become available.   Public Health is offering vaccines at their Menominee office and at Bay College in Delta County.

To date, Menominee County has received 1000 doses of COVID-19 vaccine, 500 of which have been distributed to Hannahville Indian Community and 500 doses have been distributed to PHDM.

Delta County has received 4,800 doses.  The difference in the number of vaccines distributed to our two counties is due to the fact that there is no hospital located in Menominee County to receive additional doses.  Many of the doses received in Delta County have been administered to eligible Menominee County residents.

On Friday, Public Health held a clinic at the Menominee High School and administered 184 vaccinations to education staff and first responders from the Menominee area.  These doses were provided to the health department from OSF St. Francis Hospital and Healthcare group in Escanaba..