03/19/2020- Everyone is taking steps to protect themselves from exposure to the coronavirus, but what about those on the front lines working directly with individuals who may be ill? Tom Philipps is Menominee County’s Emergency Management Coordinator. He says local EMS crews are already stretched thin by the ongoing personnel shortage and the impact of COVID-19- be it an increased demand for services or the threat of those workers contracting the virus themselves- could make resources even more scarce.

“If they’re showing signs or symptoms (of COVID-19), number one, if it’s not life-threatening, try to seek transportation to the doctor or hospital without calling EMS. If they are going to call 911, make sure they bring this information out to the dispatcher so it can be relayed to the EMS people [so] they take the precautions that are needed to protect themselves. All we’d need is to take one or two EMS crews out in our county and we’re in a world of hurt.”
Nearly 70 cases of coronavirus have been reported in Michigan. In a brief to the Menominee County Board of Commissioners, County Administrator Jason Carviou says there’s a high likelihood the virus is already in the community, but just has not yet been reported or confirmed.