What is Raven Wood Gardens?

Raven Wood Gardens is a purposeful and sustainable gardening experience using organic gardening techniques.

We always have health and wellness in mind. We use certified non-GMO seeds, natural composting, companion planting, soil probiotics, and beneficial insects, such as soil enriching red worms in our therapeutic gardens.

All weeds are hand picked. No commercial pesticides are ever used. We also have happy chickens!


What is the Caregiver retreat?

When caring for their significant other or veteran spouse, caregivers often get burned out and need to rekindle or get the fire started by taking time for themselves.  Including many workshops & speakers such as:

  • Laughter Yoga  – Christine Pada
  • Holistic Care VA Volunteer Group – Haven & Misty
  • Stained Glass Craft Project -Carrie Jo Martin from CJ’s Glass, (Take Home project)
  • Jaime Parrett – Exercise in Movement
  • After lunch: Succulent Workshop Penny Mullens
    • Penny’s Pots & Plants shares a (Take Home succulent project)
  • Rize UP & Lume Speakers Amy & Michelle
  • Health over High Stigma for CBD & Medical Marijuana Cardholder Education
  • NOTE: NO use or sales of Medical or Recreational Marijuana during this event.
  • Artist Way Creation  – Sandy Wolf, Jim Harsh & The Gang!
  • Soothing Citrus Lotion Bar (Take Home Project)
  • Yoga – Sally Van Eyke
  • Traditional Medicine and Acupuncture Share  – Haven Bain
  • Discuss and experience some of the most powerful unknown tools that often help veterans. Upcap Group- Caregiver book 
  • Loose Tea Workshop –– Brittany Mans. Create your own blended tea bag (Take home project)
  • Garden BINGO with Prizes
  • Massage, Thai Chi & Reki Dane Zynda, Haven
  • Incense Making can be so Spiritual – Lou Anne Bates
  •  Door Prize Drawings. Survey Flowers
  • Raven Wood Gardens Gift Shop Open (5:30 PM – 6:30 PM)*

Friday, June 17th & Saturday, June 18th

Visit the website for more information and to get signed up!


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Stay Connected all summer long with:

Let’s Grow Together Contest!

Many people who have PTSD, anxiety or depression can benefit from therapy gardening. Raven Wood gardens LLC, is a sustainable
garden experience and this year we are offering an opportunity to make a little competition go
a long way in supporting mental health, especially for veterans and their caregivers in need.
When YOUR business makes a positive choice to participate, your financial investment will
bring a new way of advertising through participation on social media, Fox TV 6, Bay Cities Radio, and local news
avenues. This contest will be promoting health & wellness and BIG WIN in TOGETHERNESS
for all who choose to support others.

Choose to benefit and help others as we share this contest TOGETHER!
Plan to Participate, Pick a Garden Size that Fits Your Interest, Plan & Cultivate
Prune your garden with a little or a Lot of Garden Support, Promote & VOTE
Prizes could be YOURS!


Satisfaction of Supporting visiting Veterans, Caregivers and Raven Wood gardens Guests.
The idea of the Let’s GROW Together Contest is to promote health & wellness both emotional
and physical, utilizing small & large businesses through garden therapy, while providing a
garden experience for Veterans, Care Giver’s and Guests who can benefit by participation on
social Media & in person at Raven Wood Gardens throughout the summer of 2022.

For full contest details, download this PDF file.