10/02/2019- Plans to upgrade the surface of the walking track at Marinette’s Community REC Center are a go. Common Council Tuesday approved a bid from Pro Star Surfaces to rubberize the current concrete track. The base amount came in around $127000, but the company also submitted a second supplemental bid of $22000 for a moisture remediation primer to be applied prior to the rubber surface if tests show the concrete has a high moisture content. The work was initially proposed just a few months ago and Executive Director of Recreation and Events Gavin Scray says it’s something REC Center users are looking forward to.
“We’ve heard nothing but good things. People are excited that, number one, the REC Center had a walking track, but, number two, how great it would be to have a cushioned surface where people could not only be protected from the elements, but it’s also a little easier on their joints. So, from day one we kind of bounced some ideas off people and we heard nothing but great things and that’s what led us to move forward with trying to raise some funds and ultimately approve the project.”
The work will be funded in part by a Focus on Energy rebate check the City received for the construction of the REC Center. However, it was a $50000 contribution to the REC Center from a private donor, $40000 of which will be applied directly to the walking track, that got the project off the ground.
“We were approached by one individual in particular and that, more or less, made the project happen. We’re very thankful for that and I think once the project is done, it’ll be pretty evident of that person’s involvement in what we’ve accomplished.”
The project is expected to get underway within the next month and Scray says it’s estimated it will only take about a week and a half to complete.