Converting the Ella Court building in Marinette to potentially house Marinette City Hall could be a costly venture, according to Marinette County Administrator John Lefebvre. Lefebvre presented the Building and Property Committee with the results of an investigation requested and paid for by the City of Marinette to determine the extent and price of the work necessary to relocate City Hall to the former law enforcement center. The preliminary price tag is just over $2.1- million, but Lefebvre adds this estimate is not all-encompassing and he anticipates reconstruction costs to be closer to $2.5- million. Lefebvre says the next steps are to meet with the City and discuss the results of the study to determine if this a feasible option for them and then begin negotiating lease terms. Should the city back out, there are other options for repurposing the building. Lefebvre and county facilities director Martin Keyport agree the roof will need to be replaced regardless, so they hope to determine the definite use of the Ella Court building within 2018.