All grave memorial decorations must be removed from Forest Home, Calvary, Congregation Montifiore, Sons of Jacob, and Woodlawn Cemeteries prior to October 1, 2021. The October 1st deadline allows Department of Public Works grounds maintenance staff to conduct fall clean-up activities within a timely manner. Cemetery personnel shall dispose of all grave decorations remaining in any City owned Cemetery commencing on October 1st . Anyone who planted perennials must cut them off at ground level, or they will be removed. Flag holders, bronze military emblems and shepherd’s hooks that have been inserted into the ground must also be removed. A later announcement will be made indicating when winter decorations may be placed during the month of November. Any decorations placed before that notification will be disposed of. The City of Marinette is not responsible for decorations left on graves after the deadline for removal, or decorations placed before the announcement allowing winter decorations.