04/17/2019- Temporary changes made to a Marinette intersection could become permanent under a recommendation from the City’s Civic Affairs Committee, the City Engineer, and the police captain. Several months ago, the City opted to bag the traffic light at Jefferson Street and Hall Avenue because the area had become a hot spot for accidents and traffic infractions, due largely to driver confusion about the synchronization of the lights at Jefferson Street and Madison Avenue. Monday, City Engineer Brian Miller reported that solution seems to be working and the only issue now is some drivers following the Madison Ave light will stop behind the stop bar painted at the Jefferson Street intersection. It was recommended to City Council that the Jefferson light be permanently removed and Miller says the stop bar there can be ground down and a new one will be painted at Madison Street. Miller says the plan could also include enhanced line striping in the area to keep traffic from blocking the Jefferson Street intersection in the event of a back-up at the Madison Ave signal.