Recently, Michigan’s 108th District Representative Beau Lafave introduced a bill called the JACK-Act that would prohibit Big-tech companies from throwing candidates for public office off social media for speech that they don’t like. Lafave says, “their interfering with our elections and I plan on putting an end to it.”

Lafave says, “It’s on Facebook, it’s on Twitter, that’s where our Republic is debating these issues.”


This bill states that if you are a candidate for public office and you’re thrown off a Big-tech platform, which is a company with over one-thousand employees, you will get ten-thousand-dollars per day. You can also go to court and force them to allow you to go back onto the platform. Lafave states that, while this legislation protects political candidates only, he would support expanding the protections to include all Michiganders. The JACK-Act remains in the House Committee on Communications and Technology for further consideration.