A new planned bedrock mine has some residents worried Marinette County isn’t doing enough to regulate these types of projects. Monday, the county’s Land Information Committee held an informational public hearing on the proposed reclamation plan for a non-metallic mine in the Town of Porterfield. Several residents spoke out about their concerns regarding the daily operation of the mine, but Land Information Director Greg Cleereman says, when it comes to non-metallic mines, the county’s only requirement is an acceptable plan on how the land will be reconditioned after the mining operations are complete. Eric Bulin with Biehl construction says the air and groundwater impact of the mine will be monitored and is regulated by the Wisconsin DNR and other state and federal agencies.
The Land Information Committee approved the mine reclamation plan as submitted. Bulin says an informational meeting on the mine’s operations will be held for affected residents in late April or early May.