Joan Ellis Beglinger is a retired hospital administrator and registered nurse who has
come out of retirement to run as an Independent in the 2022 battle to unseat current
Governor Tony Evers. Beglinger says, “I’m coming out of my retirement because I want
to continue to live free and I believe our freedom is under assault. So, when I looked at
how can I contribute to turning around the direction we are going. I realized the
Governor is the Chief Executive Officer and is responsible for a $40 billion dollar budget
and 30 thousand employees.”

Beglinger says, “when I become Governor it will be because the people wanted me

Beglinger states that she’ll have no political agenda and if she’s obstructed by political
agendas, she’ll take it to the people. Beglinger says, “I’ll rely on the people to reel in the
people they’ve elected or pull them out of office.” The Wisconsin Primary election takes
place on August 9th with the General election on November 8th.