11/14/2019- The Menominee City Council is being asked to take quick action to prevent further erosion damage at Memorial Park. A storm on October 22nd damaged the retaining wall and sidewalk at the park’s beach. City Engineer Tricia Alwin is seeking bids from contractors to install additional rip rap at the beach to prevent further erosion and structural damage. So far Alwin has received a quote from Barley Construction which totals about $23,000. Barley would not be able to get to the work until late this month at the earliest. Alwin is still waiting for at least one other quote. The city does have insurance to cover water related damage, with a $5,000 deductible and a $100,000 cap. The City’s Financial Committee recommended the City Council authorize Alwin to obtain an Emergency Shoreline repair permit from the state and to secure a contractor to install the additional rip rap, as well as apply for any potential grant money.