11/14/2018- A proposal to increase the membership of Menominee County’s Road Commissioner that seemed to have a lot of support coming out of the gate stalled out at the board level Tuesday night. County Commissioners heard several requests last month to add two appointed members to the road commission from under-served districts to allow for more input on road maintenance matters and a more equal distribution of resources throughout the county. However, County Administrator Jason Carviou reports that while the board can choose to increase the road commission size, members would have to be all elected or all appointed, not a combination of the two. County Commissioner Steve Gromala says if that’s the case, he doesn’t see a benefit in making the change and potentially stripping the power from the county’s voters.
While some county commissioners suggested killing the idea altogether, Board Chair Gerald Piche says there’s no harm in tabling the issue until more information and input can be collected from various stakeholders.
The estimated cost to the county to add two more members to the road commission is between $25000 and $30000. Ultimately, the board took no action on the item Tuesday night.