10/15/2019- The maximum sentence allowable is handed down to the Pembine man convicted of shooting his wife in January. 56-year-old Gary Rogge pleaded no contest to an amended charge of 1st degree reckless homicide earlier this year after prosecutors say he shot his wife, Shelley Erickson Rogge, in the chest following a disagreement between the two at a bar. Six of Shelley Rogge’s family members spoke at Monday’s sentencing hearing where Judge Jim Morrison ordered Rogge to serve 40 years initial confinement followed by 20 years of extended supervision. Before handing down the sentence, Judge Morrison called Rogge a bully with a history of violence towards women and says his actions had a ripple effect across all those who knew and loved Shelley Rogge.
“Punishment fully supports the need that you serve every possible minute available in the prison system. You will probably die in prison and that would be totally justified because you stopped her life and the consequence of that should be, at least, that your freedom, at a minimum, is stopped.”
Rogge himself also took the opportunity to address the court and Shelley Rogge’s family Monday. He says while he doesn’t remember all the events of that night due to the amount he’d been drinking, he takes responsibility for his actions and called Shelley Rogge the love of his life.
“I want to apologize to my wife-Shelley’s- family. I understand how badly they are suffering. And the grandchildren missing out on having a wonderful, loving grandmother to grow up with- I understand this very well. I can’t get over the fact that she’s gone. It eats at my soul every waking second. I was with Shelley for just short of 14 years. I love her with all my heart and she knew that and felt that.”
Rogge has also been ordered to pay more than $15000 in restitution and will receive 274 days’ credit for time already served.