08/25/2020- As expected, Marinette’s room tax revenue has taken a hit during this COVID-19 pandemic, but members of the City’s Room Tax Commission are hopeful a bounce-back is on the horizon. The group met Monday to discuss a preliminary budget report. While projected income from room tax dollars was initially decreased to $250000, it was suggested that might be brought back up to the $300000 Marinette has averaged over the past several years because there’s been some indication that travel will rebound next year. Still, that leaves an almost $38000 shortfall in the budget, which Finance Director Jackie Miller says can either be taken from the fund balance or can be made up by reducing individual line items. A full third of the room tax dollars are currently being allocated to the operation of the Community REC Center and commissioners agreed it may be time to start drawing back that level of funding. The Room Tax Commission will meet again in September and is expected to formalize their budget decisions then.