Town of Peshtigo firefighters returned to Sal B Scrap Metal Recycling yesterday afternoon to wrap up operations from Monday’s fire which required help from ten area fire departments, many cooperating agencies , and resulted in portions of State Highway  64 and 180 being closed for eleven hours. The fire was first reported at 3:36pm Monday and firefighters worked long into the night. Firefighters continued periodic monitoring of the fire Tuesday Morning until they could finally locate and extinguish the last remaining hotspots almost 24-hours after the fire was first reported. They primarily confined the fire to a large pile of scrapped vehicles and other metals that had already been processed. A grass fire ignited by windblown embers burned a small area on an adjacent property, and  the fire also damaged one tractor-trailer. No buildings burned, and they kept away the fire from adjacent piles of additional scrapped vehicles. Town of Peshtigo Fire Chief Mike Folgert says they have a good idea of where the fire started, in a metal pile, but aren’t sure yet of the cause. They have reported no injuries from the fire.