04/09/2020- “2019 was a year of accomplishments and challenges.” That’s how Marinette County Sheriff Jerry Sauve summarizes the past year in his annual report delivered to the County’s Board of Supervisors last week. The County saw several high-profile incidents in 2019, including a bank robbery, sexual assault convictions, and major drug busts, but perhaps the most notable was the long-awaited arrest of a suspect in the 1976 double murder of an engaged couple in McClintock Park. Sheriff Sauve says although court proceedings for that suspect are still underway, he’s satisfied with and proud of the work his department has done to bring someone into custody and take the first steps toward finally offering closure to the victims’ families and the community.
When it comes to department challenges, Sauve says drug and alcohol use in the county and related crimes continue to top the list. That’s been the trend for years now and Sauve reiterates it’s not something Marinette County can arrest its way out of.
In his 2019 report, Sauve also highlights the creation of a second recreational patrol deputy position and the continued success of jail programming. Last year, the population at the Marinette County Jail was the lowest it’s been since 2011, housing around 110 inmates on average.